Obesity is the most recent epidemic facing our country. Life expectancy has gone up from the mid 40’s to 80 years over a span of 100 years, but the most recent numbers show a decline in life expectancy. Diabetes and obesity, act, as usually acting in concert, are the likely culprits. By some measures, almost 40% of the adult population is obese. More worrisome is the new addition of obesity in kids.

The cornerstone of treatment and prevention are a balanced diet and exercise. With the explosion of fast foods and supersize meals, our diets are loaded with carbohydrates.

The Mediterranean diet generally does not cause weight gain. Olive oil is used along with vegetables, grains, and small amounts of protein. The mainstay of the diet is small meals low in carbohydrates.

High carbohydrates diets cause body insulin levels to rise and lead to the deposition of fat. For my obese patients, I recommend limiting the five foods that are carbohydrate dense:

– Rice

– Flour

– Sugar

– Potatoes

– Milk

With a low carbohydrate diet, insulin levels in the body fall mobilizing fat. Successful weight loss happens when the above is done with some form of exercise to burn calories.